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Wire is recognized as an industry player by Forrester, Gartner and IDC. The interesting fact is not that Wire ranks amongst the best collaboration tools but rather that we can compete as the only cloud based solution featured in a Secure Collaboration Report (Forrester), Enterprise Workstream Collaboration (Gartner) and received accolades for a truly unique security approach by IDC.

Mainstream collaboration platforms like Slack, Mattermost, or Microsoft Teams are not featured in the Secure Collaboration report, while security focused vendors do not make it into the Workstream Collaboration report. Wire is uniquely featured as the only secure, yet intuitive and user friendly, collaboration platform.

How did we achieve this?

The approach that Wire has taken is that of a uncompromising security by design approach with the most intuitive user interface. One feature-rich platform to ensure that collaboration stays in one place. With Wire users don't have to jump between applications, integrations and security perimeters.

Just the simple combination of Slack and Zoom or Microsoft Teams and Webex has two different security perimeters, two user experiences and integrations. With Wire all of this is assembled in one easy-to-use application - with one security perimeter.

Technology for the future

With this approach a devestating malicious act against you as a Wire user is near to impossible for years to come. By preparing for post-quantum resistance in the future we are guaranteeing to keep Wire’s security innovations at a leading pace. This places Wire’s technology leadership far ahead of the competition.

Make the right choice

Start your free trial and get user guides, best practices, business case calculator, and security audits to ensure your CIO, CISO, and CFO all understand the advantages. You can also speak to our experts to learn more about how Wire can help your organization.

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