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Enhancing collaboration in the organization is an objective for executives as well as employees. This entails creating an inspiring work-environment where information and decisions flow undisturbed through the organization. Wire connects colleagues, partners, consultants and customers in one intuitive and secure platform. Combining unparalleled security and productivity at a lower cost – benefiting the KPIs of CEOs, CFOs, CISOs and the rest of the executive team alike.

Wire is the most secure and user-friendly collaboration solution that helps avoid shadow-IT and minimize the risk of cyber attacks.

It is the only collaboration platform that delivers public independent security audits and seamlessly integrates with your IT infrastructure for ease of use.

Wire for your needs

Product Teams

Product Teams

The product department works across the span of technology and business cases, and often interacts with customers. Everything on Wire is end-to-end encrypted, no matter who you collaborate with, to ensure your Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are secure. In addition, Wire offers integrations of planning tools to make planning and project management easy.

  • Daily business
  • Code snippet sharing
  • Roadmap planning
  • External product validation
  • Consultant interaction
  • Customer feedback
  • Field studies


Driving sales and marketing is all about pace and customer interactions. Wire is ensuring quick responses and secure exchange of contracts. In addition, Wire is available on many devices to make business run even when on the road.

  • Daily business
  • Customer interaction
  • Remote and field work
  • Salesforce integrations
  • External consultants
  • Grow business
Human Resources

Human Resources

A human resources manager needs to keep employees informed and ensure a secure interview process including compliant handling of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Wire is serves all security needs by being end-to-end encrypted by default. Wire is user-friendly and has helpful features like guest rooms for easy collaboration with anyone.

  • Daily business
  • Employees personal information
  • Recruiting
  • Interviews
  • Ephemeral sensitive information sharing
  • External council calls
Executive Teams and Boards

Executive Teams and Boards

As an executive you want to ensure long term value and shareholder returns. You want to make sure your business communication is secure and compliant. You want to be able to communicate sensitive information with your board in confidence. Wire offers all of the above and more.

You don’t want to be one of the 65% businesses that fall victim to cyber attacks every year.

You want to make sure your business does not under-perform by 5% long term market capitalization as a result of cyber breaches.

You want to make sure your business has a fall back plan in case of mass breaches like NotPetya that cost Maersk hundreds of millions of dollars.

Executive Teams use Wire for

  • Executive decisions
  • Board meetings
  • M&A
  • Company restructuring
  • Crisis Collaboration
  • Executive search process
  • Consulting engagements
Finance and CFO

Finance and CFO

As a finance manager you want to ensure positive return on investment and optimal expenditure on tools to make the business more efficient.

You want to save 35% operational expenses compared to alternative tools.

You want to save over 65% by consolidating your communication stack within a single platform.

You want to save cost on cyber insurance or risk provisions.

You want to be GDPR compliant to not risk paying 4% of your revenue as fine.

Finance Teams use Wire for

  • Daily business
  • Budget process
  • Audits
  • Financial statements

Wire is intuitive and easy to get started with

Wire is compliant with both the GDPR and CCPA and is secure by design with sophisticated end-to-end encryption.

Building the business case for any department or organization is easy - the solution will increase productivity, lower operational and insurance cost, and lower the odds of falling victim to cyberbreaches.

Start your free trial today.

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