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March 12, 2019

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Nearly every single company uses email as the main platform for communication. The problem? Emails are among the easiest platforms to hack, intercept and carry company-debilitating viruses. Unfortunately for businesses, emails and free app communications will pose a permanent risk to companies who wish to maintain uninterrupted in regular day-to-day operations.

Todays problem: While email is still prevalent, employees are increasingly getting used to the fast pace of modern-day collaboration (92% of the workforce say that collaboration tools would make communication faster and more efficient). Something to think about for CIOs, CFOs and CISOs alike.

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The new age of collaboration dictates the use of platforms that offer encryption and safety measures to keep company information and communication safe. Of course, not all platforms that present themselves as a safe alternative are what they make themselves out to be, so research into the reliability of platforms is paramount. If it’s free, it’s vulnerable to outside sources (funded by ads), and thus paid platforms that guarantee encryption and security will always be the more desirable offering.

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This holds particularly true when you look at the awareness of the risk of sharing sensitive information over email. 72% of our respondents admit to sharing sensitive data over email. Coupled with the uncertainty of penalties of GDPR or CCPA this poses a significant risk to businesses.

So our recommendation and take-away is to start moving the organization to platforms that support collaboration both internally and externally to give users what they want and quickly gain control of your sensitive data.

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