Every business needs a crisis collaboration solution

September 26, 2018

Has your business chosen an appropriate communication and file sharing tool that can be relied upon in the event of a complete network shutdown?

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While many businesses maintain a business continuity plan to help them assess potential threats to their organizations, surprisingly few specify the communications tools that should be used in the event of malicious cyber attack (or other a system outage), that renders the corporate network unavailable.

Why is that important?

In the battle to maintain business operations (when services like corporate email are unavailable), employees will often find their own ways of communicating and sharing content.

Unfortunately, this often includes personal messaging tools like WhatsApp, private email accounts, or other consumer-grade file sharing and messaging apps.

None of consumer solutions are fit for purpose in the event of crisis, where clear lines of communication with stakeholders are required, and where security is paramount.

If your business is yet to choose a communication and file sharing tool that can be relied upon in the event of a crisis, here are six things you need to consider:

End-to-end encryption

Your communications during this time will be highly sensitive. In fact, depending on your business and the nature of the disruption, you could be at an increased risk of a data breach, and malicious attempts to eavesdrop on confidential discussions. Now, more than ever, you need to use a tool that delivers end-to-end encryption across your messaging and file sharing.

Independent of your network infrastructure

In some scenarios, your IT systems may need to be shut down. However, when speed is critical to your timely recovery, even the shortest break in service can be damaging. It’s important to choose a tool that sits externally to your infrastructure, ideally cloud-based and accessible from multiple device types.


Every second counts, so having a tool that is pre-provisioned, and ready to go is vital. This should include having all employees, and key external stakeholders, registered and segmented into key channels and groups. In the event of disruption, this will save valuable hours.

Easy to use

You won’t have time to train thousands of employees on a new messaging, file sharing, and collaboration platform, so make sure your chosen solution is user-friendly. Employees (and external stakeholders) must be able to get up-and-running without training.

Guest access

A communication solution is of little use if the people you need to communicate and share files with don’t have access. Your solution must be able to provide secure guest access, allowing encrypted conversations and file sharing to take place, even if guests don’t have their own account.


Given the sensitive nature of communications at this time, anything you can do to protect the integrity of your communications is invaluable. This includes the ability to send timed, ephemeral messages that can be set to automatically delete themselves from a recipient’s devices. Ephemeral messaging also helps to keep your chat histories clean, allowing your response team to focus on the things that matter.

About Wire Red

Wire Red is the most trusted, secure end-to-end encrypted communication and collaboration tool available, and the perfect choice for businesses looking to ensure business continuity in the event of disruption. It comes with everything you need for crisis communication and recovery. Alert your whole team, track availability, broadcast updates to smaller groups — or to the entire company.

It’s pre-provisioned, always ready to ensure business readiness and recovery, and available on both mobile and desktop devices. Messaging, conference calls, video conferences, and file sharing are just the start. Wire Red can be extended with custom integrations and bot-services, all hosted by Wire so your network downtime doesn’t affect availability. Ensure your company keeps going when your IT infrastructure goes down. Speak to our Sales to learn more about Wire Red.

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