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January 23, 2017

Update 03.06.17: Collection has been merged with Search feature now.

A lot of text messages pass through Wire, but that’s not all — people are sending more and more pictures, videos, links and files every day. With that in mind, we decided to make browsing through media much, much easier, and add a new feature — Collection.

Collection feature icon

Many people on Wire use conversations to keep up with groups — their families, friends, colleagues. These conversations often contain a lot of photos of memorable moments.

Collection is the perfect way to relive moments from a day, a week or six months ago.

This new feature is also a great time saver for the people and teams who use Wire for work — it’s quick to filter out all files shared in a conversation, and reduces the need to save and organize files onto your phone, tablet or computer. It functions similarly with web links that have been shared.

To view the Collection of a specific conversation, tap the little 🗂 icon at the top of the screen—you’ll see pictures, audio and video messages, links and files shared in that chat. You can browse each section and view the items; press any one of them to reveal it in the conversation or forward it.

People frequently ask us about the search function — Wire has a lot in store for 2017 and text search will be a part of that.

Collection is available now for Wire on iOS, Android, desktop and web. Let us know what you think @wire.

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