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February 28, 2019

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Every year we ask executives a series of questions on key topics. This year we chose to focus on communication, security, privacy, and regulation as these have been hot topics in 2018.

We asked more than 300 executives from the US and Europe about their views on some key topics.

Emails are popular - but are they still efficient?

Email remains a popular form of communication. Business leaders however spend too much of their time writing, reading and forwarding. With organizations starting to attune to developments in instant messaging technology, an overwhelming number believe that using email is counterproductive compared to alternatives.

Are we still secure?

Many organizations have been a victim of a cyberattack and not a single respondent disagreed that cybersecurity is a major challenge for businesses. While the challenges posed by cybersecurity are understood by businesses, many organizations aren’t well enough prepared. In crisis situations, in particular, businesses lack in their ability to communicate internally and externally in a secure and trustable way.

New communication style - can we capture the pace from Generation Z?

Businesses are aware of the changes likely to impact workplace communication - including Generation Z workers and smart devices - and agree that there are better solutions available for communication than email. As businesses grapple with the competing demands of the workplace of the future, they must be ready to introduce new tools to increase flexibility and productivity.

Privacy rising - but do businesses know the consequences?

A majority of businesses from a wide range of sectors are aware that they hold a large volume of sensitive data. However, businesses comfortably share this data via email, leaving it vulnerable to snooping, surveillance and phishing attempts. As the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is in effect, a large proportion of business leaders are unaware of the legislation and an overwhelming majority are unaware of what a lack of compliance could cost them in global revenue.

Over the next weeks we will be releasing data points from the survey with our own commentary, as well as trends and takeaways for business leaders for 2019. Download the free report now if you're eager to draw your own conclusions.

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