Improvements to Conferencing

April 13, 2021

In October 2020, we launched our brand new conferencing capabilities, expanding our video limits to 12 and audio limits to 25 participants. We received resoundingly positive feedback on how vital this increased capacity was for collaboration and communication in the COVID era.

Since that initial launch, we have received tons of valuable feedback from our customers about the conferencing experience. As we continue our journey to becoming the best secure conferencing solution in the market, we want to announce a set of five recent improvements. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we enjoyed building them!

Active Speaker View

With many speakers in an audio and video conference, it often was unclear who is speaking unless you recognize the speaker’s voice. To make it simpler to identify who is speaking, we now pulse the active speakers’ microphone icon in your favorite accent color. Active participants that have their video-enabled also will have a colored frame around their video tile. Further, we introduced a new view that shows up to 4 of the most active speakers with their video-enabled. All of this, of course, is visible in full screen or a minimized view, while you can also keep an eye on your chat activity. This way, you can entirely focus on the conversation, no more confusion or feel anxiety about speaking. Active Speakers

Maximize Screen View

It was tough to read and understand what got presented if multiple participants had video-enabled during presentations or screen shares. The conference call viewer can maximize the screen to one participant (i.e., the participant sharing a presentation screen, primary speaker) by double-tapping/clicking on the tile. And with another double-tap/click, you can exit the maximized screen view. Maximize Screen View Conferencing

Automatic Gain Control

It’s often unclear what volume you should set your speaker/audio output during conferences when everyone is too loud or too low. Wouldn’t it be nice if everybody was at a similar volume? Do not worry about adjusting your microphone volume on your Wire web application; turn on automatic gain control and sit back 'n relax. For consistent audio in conference calls, we are excited to announce the automatic gain control setting. The feature enables your microphone volume to be adjusted automatically to ensure that all conference participants have similar loudness. Just go to your settings > audio/video settings, and toggle this feature. We hope your ears thank us shortly. After a test phase, we plan to enable this by default. Automated Gain Control - Conferencing

Join Muted

Many conferences start with participants joining the call, either late or when the conversation is already ongoing. Without already being on mute, it’s often hard for existing conference participants to continue their discussion. All conference participants joining muted by default ensures no disturbances or distraction in your important meetings.

Remove Join/Leave sounds in Conferences

One significant disturbance in ongoing conference calls was participants joining or leaving the session. With this new release, you will no longer hear system sounds when participants enter or leave the conference call. We have developed momentum amongst security-focused organizations and users. We are super excited to better serve our customer's conferencing needs, especially during COVID times. We have a few more exciting features forthcoming that will further enhance conferencing, so stay tuned or contact us for more information.

Thanks, Wire Product Team

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