Wire is already a critical tool for government protection for key intelligence, sensitive communications, classified data, and a powerful shield against the constant threat of data breaches. Not only is it a prime insurer for governments, but Wire also acts as a major defense against cybercrime for SMBs.

Recently, we’ve seen a higher demand from SMBs and larger enterprises for Wire’s platform. Due to a recent rise in sensitive geopolitical crises, many SMBs are beginning to understand the urgency for reliable communications, especially where privacy and security are critical factors. As a German-based company, Wire is GDPR compliant, meaning the handling, storing, and transmission of data is regulated by European privacy laws. GDPR is not only applicable within the EU, but also can extend out into other areas like the US, AU, or even LATAM. This occurs when it comes to the use, movement, and storage of EU citizens’ data, also known as the one-leg out provision where one of the two parties exists within the EU and the other is outside it. Not only that, but Wire’s information security is based on ISO 27001 standards, with its source code available on GitHub.

Wire’s advanced tech which was developed on the Signal Protocol has encouraged SMBs to upgrade from our Basic service to the Wire for Enterprise package thanks to amazing added features like:

Messaging – Wire is end-to-end encrypted (a fully E2EE) communications and collaboration app. Messaging on Wire is also encrypted with Proteus which was developed on the Signal Protocol. At its core, Wire delivers users the most secure communication from one user’s device to another user’s device, with the ability to verify users and their devices.

Large Group Conferencing – Wire’s conferencing is one of the few fully end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) conferencing services available. Our large group conferencing provides audio calls of up to 100 participants and video calls of up to 50. All with the usual favorite capabilities like screen and file sharing for your important meetings.
Customer Support – Enterprise package users get dedicated support from Wire, in the case of technical issues, setup, etc.

Externals – Invite external participants via the team management console. Feel free to include them in a 1:1 conversation as well as group conversations, conferencing, audio, self-deleting messages, file-sharing, and more.

SSO – Simplifying the user experience through single-sign-on, allowing users to access their Wire account using credentials from a third-party software system. This means multiple authentications won’t be required, a single ID login is all that’s needed.

File-Sharing – Using the same technology that protects and transmits your messages, Wire encrypts all files including audio, video, and pictures.

Zero Trust Architecture – Wire has fully championed Zero-trust architecture. Assuming you trust your devices, Wire offers a way to prove/verify that only the respective device will see the chats, and that there are only those two devices in the chat. Not only that but also prove that only you and the intended device will see the respective messages.



By upgrading to Wire for Enterprise, SMBs using Wire have benefited by privacy-first. Which includes forward secrecy and end-to-end encryption, in addition to no trace of data or personal information on Wire servers. This means that all information and data exchanged within SMBs are retained by only the SMBs themselves. With the Proteus, end-to-end encryption, and Messaging layer security (MLS), Wire serves SMBs as a form of defense against surveillance and Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attacks. Wire helps SMBs save on the higher cost of maintaining secure comms and less need for layered security all while forwarding productivity with instant messaging. Eliminating the annoyance of a ‘difficult-to-use’ software, Wire has E2EE on by default making Wire a user-friendly software. That coupled with Wire for enterprise package includes committed support through our help center and easy-to-understand user guides. Removing the inconvenience of switching between different platforms and relearning new software for work.

SMBs are the biggest targets of cyber attacks, Wire serves as a solution and a relief to protect your communication with its advanced cryptographic primitives. We’re already seeing an increase in cybercrime and a continued growth of ransomware already with no real method to anticipate these attacks. Wire for enterprise is serving features like SSO, File-Sharing, Externals, Group Conferencing, and Messaging, SMBs have a counter to these threats allowing them to freely cooperate remotely with no security concerns and protected Zero trust and Zero-knowledge privacy.

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