Enterprise collaboration through the eyes of Apple app privacy

February 16, 2021

With WhatsApps’s latest move to monetize data, personal users and businesses alike have become much more aware of the privacy element of the applications they use. Other major tech players and industry figures have even jumped on the news coverage to further highlight the issue.

Apple has arguably taken on the role of privacy watchdog and has made bold statements about how damaging data harvesting is to the world. This has also led Elon Musk to even inadvertently incite hoards of people to move to Signal with the promise of greater privacy. The discussion originates in big tech applications, largely focusing on the consumer space - but what about our corporate applications? Are they protecting our privacy?

We decided to take a look at the new Apple app privacy to see if there were any similarities between the findings in the consumer space and enterprise space.

We simply reviewed a similar set of applications (some security focused and some general purpose collaboration tools)to get a more accurate picture of the situation. The findings obviously favor applications like Wire or Wickr from a privacy standpoint and as both solutions can be delivered on premise, they allow for full control of data sovereignty and meta-data.

However, organizations would do well to question their own practices off the back of this and ask the following questions:

  • Should we use the same corporate collaboration tools for different levels of sensitive data?
  • Are there processes, work groups and policies that require a higher level of secrecy and privacy than others?

We are quite confident that most organizations will be surprised by the level of data collected by applications.

Apple App Store Privacy - Data Collected by Collaboration Solutions

The take aways could be threefold:

Level of privacy needed

The privacy-focused applications are not necessarily the best message boards for organizations. However, similarly highly-integrated collaboration tools are maybe too “open” for M&A transactions, restructuring, country policy making or boardroom discussions.

Future architecture

With the world economy currently losing out on $6tn USD to cybercrime, the collaboration architectures are built on centralized models - but investing in and getting ready for the era of zero-trust and edge computing sets organisations up for running both architectures simultaneously.

Users already understand

If you ask anyone to choose a social platform to share a sensitive piece of content (e.g. credit card information), no one would post it on Facebook - few would use TikTok, and Signal would likely be their preferred choice.

It is an instinctive decision, yet professionals share IPR, M&A plans, restructuring and government information over the same tool as they would to let their colleagues know “there is cake in the kitchen!”. The point is, if tools are provided by the business, users do actually need to know how to use them. Ultimately, the choice of business communication tools lies with management.

About Wire

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