Organizing your conversations with Folders

October 22, 2019

Folders Blog Post

How do you easily find your way through your conversations? Ever find yourself scrolling endlessly to find the right conversation? We all do. So far we have had some ingenious hacks to help us with this. Fancy naming conventions, or our favorite, using icons for various conversation categories (think 🐛 for bug hunting chats or 🚀 for release and deployment chats).

But as organization grows and more people get onboarded to Wire, the clutter can quickly pile up. This is where we enter Folders. You can now create custom folders for anything from offices to departments or projects. Have a select number of conversations you use daily? Add them to your favorites for quick access. Folders help you structure your conversation list the way you want to.

Folders Wire

Folders are now available on all platforms and devices

You can find your folders in the navigation bar underneath your conversation list. You must be on the most recent version of Wire to be able to view folders. By default every conversation will already be grouped into one of two folders: "groups" and "people".

To create custom folders simply click on any conversation (swipe right on mobile) to get to the conversation options: here you can move the conversation to an existing folder, create a new one folder or add it to your favorites.

For more information and instructions, simply search for "folders" in our extensive FAQ.

Happy organizing,
Your Wire Team.

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