The future of collaboration is secure

May 13, 2019

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There is no doubt that the business world is moving to a collaborative way of working pioneered by Slack who is getting rewarded today with a gigantic DPO. They changed the way organizations use email and adapted the way we work to the way the coming generation communicates. Backed by startups and developers the platform became the backbone of product organizations and growing tech companies.

But what is the next wave. What is the next step up from Slack.

Cyber threats is the most prominent risk to large organizations today. To boards and executives the understanding of what these risks really are became obvious with WannaCry and NotPetya where the likes of Maersk and Merck lost upwards of 300m USD in a single blow.

Likewise, Cisco's annual security survey targeting SMBs showed that a staggering 65% experience a cyber breach every year.

But what does that have to do with workplace collaboration?

Slack warned new investors that cyber-attacks pose a serious risk to the performance of their stock. As the popularity of collaboration tools increases and more and more organizations move away from email, so will cyber crime, focusing their efforts on slack and services alike.

Therefor, the future won't be centred around easy installations and integrations with 1,000 systems as Slack offers. The next wave starts with the collaborative user experience at its core, but prominently features security and privacy.

Especially Fortune 1,000 organizations, federal institutions and SMBs, whose intellectual property is sensitive, are already looking for the upgrade to secure collaboration. Implemented not by a product team, but by top executives to ensure the longevity of the business and to protect information while reaping the benefits of the mobile and collaborative way of working.

We beleive that end-to-end encryption offers the base upon which large scale organizations can build a secure collaboration infrastructure. Not only for messages but also for voice, video, files, conferencing, screen sharing and search – always end to end encrypted. So you can always be certain that your information is private, regardless of how you communicate or whether you are inside or outside the corporate firewall.

We believe that this is the next big thing in work communciation - where efficient collaboration meets security. Wire is ready.

Be secure and future proof
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