Mentions – get the attention in a busy chat

October 15, 2018
Mentions menu

Group conversations can get noisy – new ideas, status updates, answers to questions, the occasional joke. It can be easy to miss important info, or a question directed at you.

The new mentions functionality highlights your name visually and makes it easy to scan the text and find the sections relevant to the reader.

Searching for "@My Name" (replace it with your actual name, of course) returns all mentions of you giving everyone another way to search and filter the most important messages.

Wire Pro accounts have an additional per-conversation setting to get notifications for all messages, only for mentions, or mute the chat completely.


Mentions functionality is available for everyone now on mobile, desktop and web. Make sure you've downloaded the latest version of Wire.

Or, if you don't have Wire yet, start a free trial of Wire Pro.

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