Public beta program for Android and iOS

November 26, 2017

“Can I become a Wire beta tester?” We get this question daily from fans, technically minded people who are interested in early access to features, or fixes to bugs that have been bothering them.

Today, we’re happy to announce that everyone can join the public beta program on both iOS and Android.

Feeling adventurous? Photo by Jeremy Bishop.

What’s a beta program?

The beta program gives testers early access to upcoming versions of the Wire app. This means they can try new features, and access the improvements and bug fixes before the public release.

In return we ask for the tester’s feedback — positive and negative — on the features, the user experience, and of course , bug reports if anything goes wrong.

On that note, beta programs come with a warning label — we test releases internally but sometimes pesky bugs slip through. This could mean weird layout issues, a feature not working quite as intended, or an unexpected crash.

Join the beta if you like taking a few risks in life!

Still with us? Here’s how to join

Android: Google’s beta programs is very straight forward — visit Wire beta page on Google Play Store, and follow the instructions.

iOS: You’ll need to contact Wire customer support with your AppleID (the email you use to log into your Apple account). We’ll then add you to Apple’s TestFlight platform and the invitation to join will arrive via email.

Feedback via GitHub

Please report any feedback that you have on the current beta via GitHub. This is the platform where all Wire developers can keep an eye on user reports, deal with the bugs and consider future feature requests.

GitHub is also great for the community as users can help each other out by suggesting workarounds and sharing information.



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