Secure, encrypted file sharing

April 27, 2016
encrypted secure file sharing

You’re in the middle of a conference call with your team and realize that you didn’t share the latest project update. With Wire, that’s not a problem – simply click the file attach icon, find the file, and share!

File sharing is a great way to share any kind of documents with the team and clients. With Wire it’s more secure than using email attachments, and offers greater security than most other enterprise-grade file sharing tools thanks to the use of end-to-end encryption.

File sharing is available now on Wire for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android in both 1:1 and group conversations.

The files are kept on Wire servers (fully encrypted, of course) until they are deleted by the user. Support for large files is on the longer term road map.

Your existing file sharing service might not be as secure as you think

Business users have no shortage of services to send files with at their disposal. However, making sure that employees pick the right tool for the job is critical, particularly if they’re sharing company, or client, confidential files.

Work communications are a highly visible target for potential attackers, with man-in-the-middle attacks, phishing, and domain spoofing tactics all representing very real threats for today’s modern organizations.

Unfortunately, most of the best-known file sharing tools don’t offer end-to-end-encryption. This means that files shared through typical cloud service are at risk of being compromised, often without the user even being aware.

Slack, DropBox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Skype – they all have one thing in common. None of these offer users end-to-end encrypted file transfer.

By comparison, Wire now offers fully encrypted secure file sharing. This makes it the most secure choice not just for sharing sensitive information and files but also for day-to-day communication in chats and via conference calling.

This has helped Wire to become the solution of choice for any organization looking for the best combinat seof security and complete feature cet.

Choose the right file sharing service:

Wire offers a host of other benefits when secure file sharing is a priority:

  • Timed messages and files: Wire lets you send timed messages that automatically disappear once the timer runs out. You can apply the same timer to files that you send, ensuring they don’t linger in the conversation history.
  • Seamlessly switch from chat to file sharing: Some of the popular tools are built as cloud storage for your files (OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, DropBox etc), with no native chat functionality. Users of these services need to switch between a messaging app and their file store. This breaks the communication and reduces productivity. With Wire you can drag and drop files in seconds, with no break in the workflow.
  • Secure sharing with external guests: You can exchange files with confidence, and the same level of security, with people outside your organization, even if they don't have a Wire account. Create a guest room, invite them to join and securely share files as normal. Of course all the other features work in a guest room as well - you can text, call, share your screen during a call and so on.
  • Synced between your devices: Chats and files are always in sync with Wire so you can access files that have been shared with you, wherever you are. Sign in on up to eight devices – from your Windows PC or macOS computer, through to your Android and iOS mobile devices. Wire even works on Linux.

Secure, encrypted file sharing is available in one-to-one and group chats. All file types are supported – from Microsoft Office .DOC and .XLS to PDFs, ZIP, and… everything, really.

To learn why Wire has become the business collaboration and communication tool of choice for thousands of businesses worldwide, request a demo, or start your free trial.

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