The ticking time bomb of shadow IT

September 27, 2018

Email is a massive time sink and a productivity killer. It is also the least secure method to communicate or collaborate internally and externally.

Staff members, especially younger ones, instinctively know that instant messaging is a more effective way to get things done. Unless the organization provides official messaging platform they will pick a consumer solution they are familiar with and introduce a serious shadow IT problem at the workplace.

Shadow IT is information-technology systems and solutions built and used inside organizations without explicit organizational approval. These solutions are not often in line with organizational requirements for control, documentation, security, reliability. – Wikipedia

I investigated the challenges of productivity, security and shadow IT in modern organizations and offer a solution that combines the control and security with an easy-to-use workplace messenger.

The webinar slides can be viewed and downloaded from Slideshare.

Defuse the shadow IT bomb today

A solution to the shadow IT problem combines the following:

  • A favorable business case for the CEO that lowers cyber insurance costs
  • A secure, private and compliant solution for CISOs
  • Productivity boosting tool for the employees
  • Security perimeter that includes messaging, document sharing, real-time voice and video collaboration
  • Costly for cyber criminals to attack and breach

Give your emploees a solution they want to use and work with, and not something that gets in their way, and that they will try to circumvent. This is the right way to move toward a truly secure workplace collaboration. Upgrade your security today. Start your free trial now or get in touch with our team to discuss your secure communication challenges.

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Rasmus Holst, CRO, Wire

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