Control your mute setting through Status

May 14, 2019

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In an important client meeting? Going on vacation? Or simply deeply concentrated on a project that needs finalizing?

We all have reasons to turn to the trusty mute settings from time to time. But instead of scrolling through each conversation to see which one is “mute-worthy” why not just have a global mute setting when you need some peace and quiet.

Why not set a status to let your colleagues know you are unavailable and at the same time set everything on full or partial mute. That’s what we thought.

Satus mute blog post Introducing Smart Mute – Set a status and control your mute settings.

Really, it’s as simple as it sounds. Set your Status to “busy” and you will only be notified of incoming calls, mentions or direct replies. Set your status to “away” and all your conversations will be muted until you become available again.

More details and instructions can be found in our FAQs.

Ready to give it a try? The status bar as well as the mute settings that come with it are only available to Wire Pro users. Interested in having this feature for you and your colleagues? Start a 30-day free trial of Wire Pro to always be first in line for new features.

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