Status— keep the team informed

December 20, 2017

Status feature demo

Busy with a client meeting 💼 or away for a vacation 🏖? A new status feature is perfect for keeping the team informed about your availability and setting expectations about how quickly you can respond.

Set status to None, Available, Away or Busy. Status is now available on Wire for desktop, iOS and Android.

Status can be set from your profile or by clicking/tapping your name in the conversation list. The other side will see your status in their list, but also in the text field in your 1:1 chat.

Who can see the status?

This is a teams-only feature and your status is visible to other team members, or people from other teams that you’ve connected with. Status is not shown to people using older Wire versions.

Status information is end-to-end encrypted, just like everything else on Wire.

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