Text search in conversations

March 5, 2017

A little over month ago we wrote: β€œPeople frequently ask about the search function β€” Wire has a lot in store for 2017 and text search will be a part of that.”

Text search πŸ” became available on all platforms last week. Update the mobile app or simply restart Wire on desktop to load the new feature.


We merged Search and Collection feature to make it super easy to find the name of a restaurant you visited with friends last summer, browse through all the posted links, or find a PDF shared by a colleague couple of weeks back.

Type in a search word or a phrase and tap on results to open the conversation in the right place with the search result highlighted. Tapping search icon again will take you back to search results so you can quickly find the right message.

The first version of search is per-chat with a global search that looks into all conversation coming later. Search happens on the device with no search queries or results sent back to Wire servers.

Got feedback or questions? We’re @wire on Twitter.

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