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June 3, 2019

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Wire has been carefully selected by over 550 Enterprises up to date – for its security, usability and advanced feature set. Yet, we are often competing with "shadow IT" – from politicians using Telegram or Signal to global organizations like Continental banning WhatsApp. Even in this competitive landscape, Wire comes out on top.

We often meet with business and organizations that believe in the security of end-to-end encryption, yet, more often than not, don't see the importance of having admin capabilities. In spite of goood intentions to stay secure, too many turn their organizations sensitive data into private data – willing or not.

So why are organizations not just putting in place a secure messenger that they can control? Is it because it would not "live up" to the security offered by the personal messengers of Telegram, Signal or WhatsApp?

Just in these last weeks Wire came out on top as the most secure messenger again and again.

Firstly it was French Le Point who awarded Wire the winner amongst 10 other secure messengers – then it was Austrian eMedia ranking Wire on top. With Wire being the only company to be featured in the enterprise collaboration buyers guide from Gartner and the secure messenger report by Forrester, we quietly earn the reputation of being the most secure collaboration platform.

What we ask ourselves is why so many businesses and organizations still believe that "secure shadow IT" makes them anymore secure when tools like Wire Pro can be fully controlled and easily extend to the free and public version of Wire. Maybe it is because the leadership lacks an understanding of what options are available.

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A big attraction of the consumer-grade messengers is the usability and often native mobile applications. Often enterprise applications are designed for the desktop and half-heartedly transformed to mobile. With Wire the application is designed with mobile-use at the forefront and even wins the shoutout on usability.

This is an oportunity for CIOs to delight their user base instead of introducing restrictions. Take action like Continental and ban the private messengers in business. Instead get Wire – Win back control and guarantee security.

With the risk of cyber attacks higher than ever, and clear indications that collaboration makes us more efficient, there is really no reason to not choose the best. With a monthly price equivalent to a cup of coffee, the decision is simple.

Move your messages to the most secure collaboration platform.

Start your free 30-day trial of Wire Pro today.

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