Testing Video Conferencing Providers for GDPR Compliance

July 7, 2020

The results are in; after auditing leading video conference systems, Berlin's Data Protection Officer, Maja Smoltczyk, published a report, which attests that major video conferencing providers including Zoom, MS Teams, and Google Meet, do not comply with GDPR regulations.

Not only have these companies been ‘marked in red’, but Smoltczyk has stressed that the business processes and technology alterations needed to enable these companies to become compliant, will be ‘substantial’ and therefore not something that can be quickly fixed.

Unfortunately, many popular communication tools were not built with security-first in mind. As more data protection officers across Europe begin to see the limitations of some of these video conferencing and collaboration platforms when it comes to assuring security and data privacy, we anticipate seeing further warnings being issued.

At a time when the majority of companies worldwide have become reliant on collaboration tools to connect their remote workforce, Smoltczyk’s revelation will be a major concern for businesses, not only in Germany but throughout Europe and on a global scale. - Morten Brøgger, CEO of Wire.

Fortunately, not all video conferencing and collaboration solutions have the same GDPR compliance issue, so companies do have the option to simply switch to a fully-compliant and secure tool that will not risk leaving their business or its reputation compromised.

Wire, for example, was the only service to receive the DPO's positive feedback. According to Smoltczyk, "apart from Wire, none of the services were considered suitable for the exchange of information with high protection requirements." Not only is our enterprise communication solution compliant with regulations such as CCPA and GDPR but it also ensures that the organization's data is protected and secure, at all times and no matter where employees are working from.

About Wire

Wire is the most secure collaboration platform, transforming the way businesses communicate in the same way and speed that our founders disrupted telephony with Skype. Headquartered in Switzerland with offices in Berlin and San Francisco, Wire launched its collaboration and communications platform for businesses in early 2018 and today counts over 1,200 enterprise customers, making Wire the fastest-growing collaboration platform. Wire offers messaging, voice, video, file-sharing, and search, all protected by end-to-end encryption. Wire is consistently delivering ground-breaking innovation from a unique “message fortress” architecture to encrypted video conferencing, guest rooms and Messaging Layer Security (MLS).

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