@time @to @get @your @username!

December 15, 2016


We have some important news — Wire’s @usernames are here.

Next time you update Wire, you will be asked to pick one, so don’t wait for too long to claim yours… they’re first come first serve.

Why @usernames?

Our phone numbers change — we lose them, change the mobile operator, or move to a different country. Same with email addresses. Usernames are super useful identifiers you can give to people you want to connect with, and what’s really important — you don’t need to hand out your phone number or email address.

You can always change your username but the previous one will get recycled — anyone can claim it once it’s back in the pool.

Couple of other things to know about the latest update:

  • people can no longer search you by your email
  • your email is no longer visible to your contacts (phone numbers never have been)
  • if a person is in your address book but they use a nickname Wire will show something like “Darth Vader, aka @anakin, Dad in your Address book” in their profile.

That’s all—go grab your username. Someone already got @batman but many other awesome ones are still available. Update Wire and claim yours now!

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