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July 18, 2017

End-to-end encrypted communication has taken a big step forward in the last two years with many consumer apps introducing it to hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Wire was one of the first to launch encrypted calls in late 2014, and the first one to launch full end-to-end encryption, working across multiple devices, for all communication, back in March 2016.

Work-related communication tools, however, have been lagging behind. None of the popular options use secure communications, secured by end-to-end encryption, leaving the content of chats, files and calls open to access by service providers, and to exploits by hackers who can compromise the servers and get ahold of these details.

It’s time for businesses to upgrade the security of their communication!

Today, we’re launching teams (beta) to bring end-to-end encrypted chats, file sharing and calls to businesses everywhere.

wire teams beta screenshots

More and more businesses and international organizations have started using Wire for work since we launched end-to-end encryption. Teams make it easy to organize work groups and related conversations.

Businesses affected by the EU’s upcoming GDPR rules benefit from end-to-end encryption, as it automatically protects the data they share with the team from third party access.

Set up your team now at teams.wire.com.

Wire compared with other business communication solutions

feature comparison b2b messengers

Secure = end-to-end encrypted

Work/life balance — personal and work chats in one app

You can now log in to Wire with multiple accounts — for example, one for work and one for personal conversations. Think of it like using the same mail client to access email from different accounts.

This brings all your conversations into one app, while keeping them neatly separated. In the future, you’ll be able to switch off notifications for each account, so you can turn off alerts from work chats over the weekend, for example.

A separate account for each team member allows team owners to control who has access to the conversations, with less manual work when new people join or leave the team.

Team members may have two distinct accounts with different names and profile pictures for work and personal contacts.

Working with guests

Most organizations regularly collaborate with partners, consultants, suppliers and other people that are not part of the team. But in many business communication tools, access is an all-or-nothing proposition. In Wire, it’s easy to invite and add guests to project chats without giving them full team member status.

Work in progress — this is a beta release

We’ve ironed out the major issues, but this is still a beta release, so a few hiccups may occur. A few things to note…

The 30-day free trial will start for beta testers at the public launch later this year.

The iOS app does not yet support multiple accounts. If you don’t use Wire for personal conversations, you can go ahead and log in with your work account. But if you’re already using Wire for personal communication, please wait a bit until iOS gets support for multiple accounts.

Team members will be invisible inside the team until they accept the invitation to join. They will have access to the chat history from the moment they’re added to each conversation.

Members of a team can search for all Wire users, but users with a personal account cannot yet search for team accounts.

If you have questions or feedback, please have a look at the FAQs or send us a report via the support contact form.

Ready to use Wire for work? Set up your team now!

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