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When reviewing modern collaboration solution there are many parameters to look into - it is the combination of effectiveness, functionality, price, and security.

Wire delivers a unique set of advantages in any competitive situation:

Cost effective - priced to allow all organizations to have the best security at an attractive cost.

Feature-rich - includes all necessary features for collaboration - messenger, voice, video, conferences, and file sharing.

Deployment options - Wire is available in the cloud, on premise, and on demand.

Secure by design - Open Source, end-to-end encrypted and with independent security audits.

Wire is the only cloud and on premise solution featured in both Gartner's "Workstream Collaboration" report alongside Slack, Teams, Webex, and Zoom, as well as Forrester's "Secure Collaboration" report featuring specialized companies. Wire combines unparalleled security with mass deployable collaboration your organization needs for the future.

An Enterprise choice - endorsed by industry analyst firms

Workstream Collaboration

Workstream Collaboration

Included in Gartner Workstream Collaboration report alongside Google, Microsoft, Slack, and IBM.

Secure Collaboration

Secure Collaboration

"Forrester has identified Wire as a key vendor in the Secure Communications market, and is included in the Secure Communication Forrester New Wave evaluation”

Security       Review

Security Review

This type of independent validation and privacy claims is throwing down the gauntlet to other providers of secure applications and systems, IDC.

Wire vs Slack

Wire vs Slack

Wire is the most secure Slack alternative. With Wire you get more features, better level of security and a lower cost. Add in extras like independent security audits every year. All packaged with the integrations you need for an unparalleled user experience.

More cost effective - Save 60% on license costs compared to Slack - bring on the entire organization and increase your operating margins.

Better External Collaboration - Need to include partners or customers? Invite externals to collaborate for free with Wire's Guest Rooms.

More secure - Annual security audit reports included in your Wire subscription. Save on cyber insurance and minimize the exposure to data breaches.

Better voice and video - Built by the engineers from Skype, the crystal clear voice calls and one-click conference call deliver a quality experience for internal and externals alike.

Wire vs Mattermost

Wire vs Mattermost

With Wire you get more deployment options, voice and video features, better level of security, plus unique extras like included application security audits every year. Customize integrations to best serve your organizations need.

More deployment options - Deploy Wire in the cloud or on premise to fit your requirements, without compromising on functionality, privacy, or security.

Better External Collaboration - Need to include partners or customers? Invite externals to collaborate for free with Wire's Guest Rooms.

More secure - While Mattermost prides itself on security, it is not end-to-end encrypted and does not offer independent security audits.

More functionality - Wire comes with secure screen-sharing, voice- and video conferencing, combining more functionalities on a single platform.

Finally turn the table on cybercriminals

In comparison to competition, Wire always employs end-to-end encryption for all shared data – be it messages, files or calls. With forward and backward secrecy, new encryption keys are used for each message, so a compromised key has minimal imapct.

Imagine the cyber-criminal having to decide to break into a system with encryption at rest - one key decrypted and access to the entire data is granted. With Wire every message is seperately encrypted, making a breach unfeasible.

The work to reward equation with Wire is in your favor – not the cyber criminal.

Competitive Matrix - 1

Start your free trial and get user guides, best practices, business case calculator, and security audits to ensure your CIO, CISO, and CFO all understand the advantages. You can also speak to our experts to learn more about how Wire can help your organization.

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