Customer Success

Your success is our success

At Wire we want to deliver high customer satisfaction rate in all of our engagements and interactions. We want our that the product is used to generate collaboration and deliver organizational effectivenes. We want Wire to be the secure link between the organization and customers, suppliers or partners.

We also understand that adoption, implementation, training and optimizations is not always a matter of technology - this is customer success to us.

Customer Promise

Wire uniquely delivers "Customer Promise" our monthly newsletter to all of our customers. The newsletter is more than just industry news" but first and foremost our public service level agreement with all of our customers - Enterprises or start-ups. In keeping with our open source and transparency beliefs - every months we report availability and customer satisfaction across the entire portfolio to all of our customers. We believe that making the numbers public is the biggest promise we can make to our customers.

Adoption and Roll-out

The most critical time for any project is the roll-out and adoption phase. At Wire we help our customers with best practices from hundres of engagements to make the roll out a success. We continue over the lifecycle to provide additional use cases for every department to get the most of Wire.

Feedback and Roadmap

Wire builds on customer interaction and feedback. We always share the quarterly roadmap with customers and welcome feedback from our customers. Whether these come on Github as technical recommendations or through the service tickets as feature request or in interactions as discussions of the future of collaboration we welcome all.

What Customers say on Capterra

Health Care

Health Care

"...participants and staff have greatly enjoyed the interface, its innovative features, and the user experience in general"

High Tech

High Tech

"Security, customer service, look and feel, everything here we needed"



"Simple interface is super easy for everyone to use without training"

Always access to resources

Resources for users

Resources for users

Wire offers a number of online resources to customers to easily get access to information, manuals, training and configurations. You can find more information on:

  • Frequently asked questions and answer bot
  • User Guides and get started
  • Service Ticket system
Resources for technical staff

Resources for technical staff

We offer the documents your IT usually ask you to supply online. These are always up-to-date and offers

  • Security whitepaper
  • Privacy whitepaper
  • Data processing agreement
  • Audits and reviews
  • Open Source code

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