Industry use cases

Secure by design, adaptable by need


Technology companies implement Wire Pro and Wire Enterprise to get the rapid pace of communication they are accustomed to. Full integrations with the SSO, CRM or development tools creates a user-friendly and secure enviroment for collaboation.

Benefitting from the integrated voice, video, guest rooms and file sharing, technology companies choose Wire as the most cost effective and secure alternative.

Advisory Firms

Advisory firms use Wire to ensure engagements are conducted securely and swiftly between members of the team.

Wire offers the client ease of mind that all communications - voice, video, files and messages - are delivered securely across firewalled networks.


Government institutions use Wire to ensure sensitive information remains under their control and to offer employees a secure communication channel. Whether at home or on-the-road, employees can quickly send messages and share files, all with the ease-of-mind that the channel is secure.

The deployment of Wire ensures that key intelligence, sensitive files or information remain solely in the hand of the organization. No more breached data due to uncontrolled use of insecure channels.

Benefits at a glance



  • Always-on end to end encryption for maximum security
  • Cost effective deployment for large scale institutions
  • Deployment options on Cloud, Private Cloud and On Premise
  • Ephemeral messages and chats


  • Quick and reliable client communication
  • Secure extension of advisory brand
  • Full mobility of workforce - always secure
  • Guest rooms for ad-hoc discussions
  • File sharing and collaboration across firewalls


  • Secure and mobile SaaS-based collaboration
  • Share code snippets and protect IPR
  • Video conferences and bridge for remote teams
  • Cost optimization through single platform approach

Other industries

Wire offers a long range of other industry use cases that optimize business processes, mobilize workforces, secures key information and make team collaboration better.

  • Manufacturing - Mobile field service with service technicians
  • Education and Research - Campus-wide student and faculty collaboration
  • Insurance - Fraud forensics and law enforcement collaboration
  • NGOs - Secure communications when privacy matters
  • PR and Publishing - Client, journalist and source protection

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