Powerful Add-ons - Wire

Wire has many powerful add-ons to support organizations with their privacy and security.

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Secure Alert

Wire’s Secure Alert tool is ideal for broadcasting and reporting, allowing users to receive secure notifications and alerts on any device, at any time. It’s perfect for sharing news, incident reporting, and crisis management.

Account Sign Up with/without SSO

We recommend that the account registration is done with email only and not use Single Sign-On (SSO) for out-of-bound use cases.

Sending & Receiving Alerts

Team members receive alerts and notifications on all their Wire connected devices, mobile, and desktop. Administrators can configure specific alerts to bypass mobile phones on silent mode.

Plan & Control Alerts

Secure Alert allows for a smooth transition before and after alerts and events so that your team can quickly respond to incidents, and manage a crisis, or any situation.

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Secure Hold

Are you finding it difficult to meet legal, litigation, and compliance obligations on your communication platforms? Wire Secure Hold enables organizations to retain all relevant conversation information in anticipation of litigation.

Manage governance through Secure Hold

Wire Secure Hold allows you to turn on and turn off governance holds on all its Wire users with a click of a button in your team management console.

Recording conversations and storage

Secure Hold helps you meet legal communication recording obligations, ensuring high-security standards for automatic recording between endpoints.

Conversation retrieval and analysis

When Secure Hold is activated for a particular team member all their future conversations from that moment on — including deleted, edited, and timed messages — will be recorded.

Secure Hold on a user

Every user on Secure Hold must enter their password to accept the service and cannot send or receive messages until then, prompting acknowledgment of the governance setting.

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Wire Federation allows your organization to customize privacy and security measures for external communication channels, streamlining and configuring them according to your needs.

Messaging, Calling & Sharing Files

Wire’s native features seamlessly work with the Federation setup, allowing users from different organizations to share, converse, and call each other.

Private-to-Private Federation

Wire Federation enables communication and collaboration between two restricted Wire setups, allowing users from different backends to search and communicate using their user handle.

Private-to-Public Federation

Wire Federation facilitates communication between cloud and classified setups. Users on the cloud setup cannot contact users on the classified setup, but the opposite is possible.

Deployment Options

Wire Federation is available for both Cloud and On-Premise servers and requires mutual permission setup between the two backends.