Federation - Wire | Secure Communication

When messaging and calling in restricted environments, often organizations lean towards siloed communication, and it’s hard for organizations to manage the flow of information back and forth outside of their safe environment. However, as you open up communications with other organizations that also have Wire installed, Wire Federation helps your organization to streamline and configure your communication channels with the outside world based on your custom privacy and security precautions.


Messaging, Calling & Sharing Files

With Wire Federation, all native features of Wire Messaging and Conferencing would work seamlessly with the Wire Federation setup. As users from 2 organizations can share, converse, call each other, etc., and they get notified of each of their provenance and the organization that they are part of. 


Private-to-Private Federation

Wire Federation allows communication and collaboration between two restricted Wire setups. If your organization decides to separate users into multiple installments of Wire backends, Wire Federation will enable you to collaborate between those backends. Users from another backend can be searched by their fully qualified user handle just the same way as if they were on your backend. All collaboration features that you are used to from collaborating with team members on a single backend, of course, will also work with users from another backend.


Private-to-Public Federation

Wire Federation is configured for communication and collaboration between cloud accessible setup and classified setup. For Wire backends accessible to cloud, the users on this setup cannot search and reach out to the users on the classified configuration; however, the opposite is possible.


Deployment Options

Wire Federation can be installed on both Cloud and On-Premise servers. Both Wire installed backends will need to acknowledge and set up permissions for mutual federation between their users.