Secure Alert - Wire

Perfect for broadcasting and reporting, Wire Secure Alert tool sends secure notifications and alerts to colleagues. Secure Alert simplifies all forms of broadcasting – from sharing news, incident reporting, to crisis management – all from any device, 24/7. Create templates, set alert categories based on severity, and send notifications to bypass silent mode and ring on all devices.


Account Sign Up with/without SSO

We recommend that the account registration is done with email only and to not use Single Sign-On (SSO) for out-of-bound use cases. Email registration allows for teams to connect, immaterial of an unforeseen emergency, such as an internal server outage. However, password recovery would be harder to solve if emails are used.


Sending & Receiving Alerts

Team members receive alerts and notifications on all their Wire connected devices, mobile, and desktop. Administrators can configure specific alerts to bypass mobile phones on silent mode or vibrate for more time-sensitive or high-severity alerts. Mobiles will then ring 3-5 times (based on the configuration) in short intervals for immediate attention from either all users or a predetermined group.


Plan & Control Alerts

Secure Alert allows for a smooth transition before and after alerts and events so that your team can quickly respond to incidents, manage a crisis, or any situation.


Reporting & Analytics

Administrators can obtain a detailed report on who got contacted, who received the alert, read the alert message, etc. With the Secure Alert dashboard, it’s easier to see who has read, and responded to your alerts in real-time. Secure Alert’s dashboard enables organizations to enact better and faster incident management.


Define Incidents & Alert Groups

Organizations can easily customize the Wire broadcasting services for their announcements and incident management flows. All team members need to subscribe to the broadcast service, and Secure Alert administrators can send alerts or instructions within a predefined group or throughout the whole organization. Administrators can set alert severity categories to easily respond and manage any unforeseen situation or event.