Secure Hold - Wire Product Add-ons

Have you struggled to keep up with the legal, litigation, and compliance requirements in your communication platforms? With Wire Secure Hold, every organization can preserve all forms of relevant conversation information (electronically stored information and paper documents) when litigation is anticipated.


Manage Governance through Secure Hold

Wire Secure Hold allows administrators to turn on and turn off governance holds on all its Wire users with a click of a button in their team management consoles. Every Wire user can be placed on the settings.


Recording Conversations and Storage

Secure Hold enables customers who have a legal obligation to record communications for future review. The recording process is automatic and maintains high-security standards, ensuring that messages are secured between the endpoints and neither Wire nor a third party can read them.

All recorded transcripts are stored in a central location chosen by the customer.


Conversation Retrieval and Analysis

When Secure Hold is activated for a particular team member all their future conversations from that moment on — including deleted, edited, and timed messages — will be recorded. Any team member in conversation with the other team members will be reminded of the presence of Secure Hold. 


Secure Hold on a User

Every Wire user on Secure Hold settings will have to accept and acknowledge the service by entering their password, and those users cannot send or receive new messages until then. The Wire application is in an unusable state so that the user can be nudged to acknowledge the governance setting placed on them. 


Impact to other Users

All conversations including 1:1 and group conversations with users on Secure Hold will be notified of the presence of the settings. Both the cases of the setting being turned on and off are displayed for users on both receiving and sending sides.