Conferencing - Wire

Learn how to connect with your remote colleagues through the click of a button on your mobile device and desktop. Stay connected wherever you are and enjoy guaranteed security without the hassle of additional security measures before communicating. With Wire Conferencing, your safety is on by default. Streamline remote work with your colleagues on the move or dial-in, and protect everyone with Wire’s security and Zero Trust architecture, anywhere.


Large Conferencing with Colleagues

With Wire Conferencing, you can talk to co-workers, guests, external vendors together in one single place. Audio calls allow for up to 100 participants and video calls up to 50. During the conference, your colleagues can choose to stay on video, mute themselves, and share their screen where necessary.


Messaging with Guests and Externals

Your conversations don’t have to be limited to only internal team members. You can also message with external members (who are invited via your team management console) and other wire personal messenger users who accept your invitation to have a conversation with them in 1:1 and group conversations. Enjoy the benefits of our secure messaging, conferencing, and file sharing with your clients and external partners.


Moderating a Noisy Audience

Wire Conferencing provides the ability to reduce noise and disruption via removing participants from the conference/conversation. Soft muting participants, disabling video, and disabling screen share by moderators of the conference allow for a smoother conference experience for both meeting attendees and organizers.


Seamless Workflow with Calendar Integrations

Wire enables your meetings to be automated with Outlook or Google calendar integrations so that conference calls and their participants can join on time. Google calendar and Outlook services enabled groups to automatically add participants based on the meeting invitation and allow a smoother onboarding experience for your attendees.