Features Overview - Wire

Zero-Trust Architecture

Zero-trust security assumes that all data, devices, apps, and users are inherently insecure and must be authenticated before access.

End–to–End Encryption

All communications in Wire are subject to end-to-end encryption, providing the strongest protection possible for your messages, calls, and files.

Data Sovereignty

Maintaining control over personal data and assuming genuine responsibility for the information you are entrusted with is crucial.

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For Team Members

Secure messaging

All your messages in 1:1 and group conversations are protected and individually encrypted end-to-end.

Self-deleting messages

Send confidential messages that disappear after an indicated amount of time, thanks to the various types of end-to-end encryption formats supported by Wire.

Voice and video conferencing

Talk to your team members, guests, and external vendors either on 1:1 or group voice and video calls with the same level of confidence provided the highest security standards.

File exchange

Share any type of file across devices. All files are fully end-to-end encrypted and can be viewed and stored without a predefined timeout.

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For Team Administrators

Team management

Onboard all of your team members via email registration or Single Sign-On (SSO). Easily change roles and permissions as users join and leave your organization.

Authentication settings

Identify possible imposters with the administration of custom settings such as device verification and access restriction for unrecognized devices.

Audience moderation

Reduce disruption during conference calls by soft muting or removing participants, and disabling video or screen share to allow a smoother experience.

Guest invites and chat rooms

Invite external members via dedicated links or additional guest rooms and enjoy the benefits of secure communications with users outside of your organization.