Integrations - Wire

Organizations require collaboration tools to seamlessly integrate with work processes. Wire offers a broad set of integrations. Integrate your On-Premises solution with customer retention platforms, development tools, customer management platforms or financial platforms. The Wire API also allows organizations to build Bots to better integrate Wire in workflows or information cascading.


Simplified User Access Experience - SSO & SAML

Wire comes with an out-of-the-box solution for SAML integration with the most common identity management providers like Microsoft, Okta or OneLogin. The API can be further customized to meet specific requirements of bespoke or On-Premises solutions. This provides a seamless user experience for login and password reset.


Streamline User Onboarding - Provisioning (SCIM)

Wire comes with a SCIM API allowing organizations to manage end-users from a central place. Organizations can enable provisioning or de-provisioning of users from the most common user management systems like Microsoft, Okta or OneLogin.


Optimize Processes and Workflows - APIs

  • Financial Services – Wire allows financial systems to deliver notifications when payments have been made or subscriptions renewed.
  • Development – Wire allows organizations to build integrations to Github and Jira allowing notifications on ticket or development status to be shared among the team.
  • Compliance – Wire allows organizations to integrate with compliance systems and set retention policies for information.
  • API – Wire’s Open Bot API also allows organizations to build their own custom Bots.


Read more about the Wire Bot API on our Github.


Quality Experience - Service-Level Agreement (SLA)

Wire understands the importance of the day-to-day operations of the platform and our Enterprise and Government products come with Service Level Agreement, Service Ticketing, access to knowledge databases and Customer Success.

We support our customers from technical onboarding all the way to ensuring user training is executed to the highest standards.

With Wire you get:

  • Training, adoption programs, guides & kick-off calls
  • Dedicated customer success
  • Tips & tricks to maximize your Wire solution
  • Monthly newsletter and operational statistics