Messaging - Wire

Wire has built a world-class secure messenger based on edge-based encryption technology that helps your business’ communication and collaboration be secure. Your business is constantly under attack from various malicious parties and the layers of security deployed in your IT infrastructure are both complex and costly. Imagine a world where you spend less on your infrastructure and your workers have the same flexibility as their day-to-day personal messenger.


We at Wire understand this natively; we have created a highly secure, private messenger for those complex situations organizations battle each day. We help protect your business, its employees, and whoever communicates via Wire be secure and stay secure. With Secure Messenger, you and your colleagues can share messages, share files, and call each other as you would with any other communication tool. Wire Secure Messenger is 100% secure and users love the simplicity of the messenger. No VPN, No time wasted in any technical setup; it’s as simple as picking your phone up to send a message to your mom or friend.


Signing Up with Email, Phone, or SSO

Wire supports email account registration, which is then used to send a verification code to the email. Passwords are never stored in plain text on the servers, instead, they are passed into the encrypt key derivation function. It’s important to note that every registration includes a client (or device). Wire supports up to 8 devices (7 permanent and 1 temporary). For our enterprise customers, we support SSO/SCIM based sign-ups.


Secure Messaging in 1:1 and Group Conversations

All messaging in Wire is subject to end-to-end encryption to provide users with a strong degree of privacy and security. End-to-end encryption (E2EE) takes place between any client involved in messaging. To send an encrypted message the sending client needs to have a cryptographic session with every client it wants to send the message to (usually all clients of all participants of a particular conversation).


Group Conversations

Wire supports the creation of private groups and each group can have many group members. An admin of a group can add more participants to the group. All previous messages shared prior to a new group member joining are not visible to the new group members (this is because of the nature of encrypted messages with cryptographic sessions with clients). Groups support all types of messaging similar to 1:1 conversations.


File Sharing

Wire supports sharing pictures, audio, video, all types of files from all clients (including web and desktop). Similar to messaging, all files are fully end-to-end encrypted using the same technology. All files are persistently stored on the server without a predefined timeout. Files can be viewed and saved to the client that is authorized.


Special types of messages

Wire supports various types of end-to-end encryption formats of messaging that include – Pings, Self-deleting Messages (messages that disappear after x amount of time), Share Locations, etc. These messages are supported in all 1:1 and group conversations and can be disabled by choice by a Wire account administrator.


Messaging with Guests & Externals

Your conversations don’t have to be limited to only internal team members. You can also message with external members (who are invited via your team management console) and other wire personal messenger users who accept your invitation to have a conversation with them in 1:1 and group conversations.