Team Management - Wire

We created a team management console for Wire account administrators to manage team members and corresponding account settings in one single console. Invite, manage people, and add services; Wire supports in making your communication and collaboration needs possible. We ensure your billing invoices are visible to you for transparent account management and administration. You can also upgrade your Wire package with new product offerings that fit your needs.


Manage Team Members

Onboard all of your team members with email registration or enable Single Sign-On (SSO). Easily change roles and permissions as team members join and leave your organization. Wire supports internal and external users (who have limited permissions), and all guests can be removed from your account but cannot be removed from Wire personal messenger usage.


Manage Wire Services & Custom Settings

Enable and configure various Wire services & custom settings to fit your organization’s communication needs. With custom settings you can control some of the features that are enabled or disabled. Turn on App Lock and other authentication settings to improve the privacy and security of your team members.


Billing & Invoicing

Wire supports a self-service of adding your credit card and downloading all of your relevant invoices on a monthly or annual basis (depending on your enrolled plan). Choose the Wire plan that best fits your needs to enable the included services and products.


Single Sign-On / SCIM

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows users to login into the Wire application without entering a username and password. Wire allows users to use their SAML credentials and syncs up user information, attributes, and rich profiles via SCIM.