Wire Cloud - Wire

We support public and private cloud installations, designed to support thousands of users within organizations with different traffic patterns, where data privacy and security are ensured through end-to-end encryption. Wire is easy to install, configure and keep up-to-date. The Wire backend can be deployed into the cloud (IaaS/SaaS), on-premises with world-wide-web connectivity, or in an offline environment.

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Desktop & mobile apps distribution

Wire has publicly available mobile apps on both Google Play and Apple stores as well as desktop applications. These apps are configured to work with the Wire cloud infrastructure by default but can be reconfigured to work with your private Wire infrastructure.If you have your own EMM/MDM, you can take control of your app distribution directly.

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User scalability

If your organization counts with specific needs in terms of scaling users and conferencing, we provide dedicated recommendations and guidance to better assess the best installation type to meet your exact requirements.

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Why choose a Wire Cloud installation?

Quick and hassle free

Start using Wire immediately, without lengthy onboarding and deployment times.

Fully managed service

Enjoy the strongest protection for your communication, hosted by Wire cloud.

Digital sovereignty

Control over the information exchanged and the administration of users.

Our experts will help you and your tech team translate your needs to a corresponding Wire alternative that best matches your needs. Contact us to learn which of our various deployment options fit your team best.