Wire On-Premises - Wire

Wire can be deployed on-premises, in a private cloud, or in an offline environment, providing your organization with the strongest protection for your communications, while still leveraging the support of our team of experts.

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Service delivery

We understand the importance of the day-to-day platform operations for our customers, so we offer end to end support, from technical onboarding all the way to ensuring user training and adoptions is executed to the highest standards.

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Offline environment

The installation of Wire in an offline environment creates a new “island” of Wire users specific to that individual installment, bringing an additional layer in terms of privacy and security.

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Why choose a Wire On-Premises installation?

Data sovereignty

Gain full control of how and where your organization’s information is hosted.

Offline communication

Allow your team members to communicate when they do not have internet access.


Enable communication between networks, within your organization and others.

Our experts will help you and your tech team translate your needs to a corresponding Wire alternative that best matches your needs. Contact us to learn which of our various deployment options fit your team best.