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Wire by EY offers strong security for organizations looking to protect their communications and document sharing. It allows organizations to be permanently prepared and ready-to-go in case a cyber attack infiltrates their main systems.

End-to-end encryption gives you the confidence to talk, message, and share across teams, internally and externally, through a single app that’s available on all of your devices.

Due to the zero knowledge encryption methodology deployed by Wire by EY, encryption keys are stored within each connected devices and cannot be accessed centrally in the cloud platform even by EY. New encryption keys are used for each message so that a compromised key has minimal impact

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Wire by EY offers use cases for all teams in the organization. Use it for broad scale or crisis collaboration. Executives use Wire for M&A, board meetings, and executive search, while Finance teams use Wire for budget discussions, audits, and investor calls.

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Trusted by analysts

Wire is the only cloud and on-premises solution featured in both Gartner's "Workstream Collaboration" report as well as Forrester's "Secure Collaboration" report.

The combination of unparalleled security with easy to deploy collaboration is exclusive to Wire by EY.

Be secure – anywhere

Wire by EY offers the most comprehensive security and privacy by any platform. No-one, not even EY or Wire, can see your data.

By encrypting every message separately, we turn the table on cyber criminals. Your data is secure no matter if you are on your desktop or on your mobile device, whether on a protected network or using the WiFI at your local coffee shop.

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Modernize the way you collaborate

Email is the modern-day productivity killer. Reduce emails by up to 43% when using Wire as your collaboration tool.

Benefit from personal and group messaging, voice- and video-conferencing, and screen- and file-sharing. Use features like availability status, mentions, message reactions, and many more, to make your collaboration more efficient.

Wire and EY are ready for the future - are you ?



Understand why Wire is the most secure collaboration tool. From our independent security audits over our transparency reports to our open sourced code.


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From messaging to video conferencing and voice calls to file sharing, Wire supports use cases for all teams and industries alike.


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Wire and EY are forming a foundation for the Fortune 1,000 and federal institutions to collaborate securely and privately with an outstanding user experience.

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Talk to EY and Wire about your requirements and needs.