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Why 5 of G7 Nations use Wire

Governments around the globe are under pressure from the ever-growing number of attacks and threat from cyber criminals or “bad actor” nation states. With a future perspective on quantum computing – there is an increasing demand for governments to secure their day-to-day communications, moving away from unsecure channels like phone calls and emails to modern, mobile-first and end-to-end-encrypted communications like Wire to conduct governments matters.

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Data Sovereign – When Confidentiality Matters

Wire offers Federal institutions peace of mind as to where their data is located. The deployment of Wire on premises and in their own data centers ensures that information is always under nation control and confidential information has no risk of ending up in the wrong hands as a result of a cloud breach.

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Zero-Trust Architecture – Preparing for the Age of Quantum Resistance

When building cyber-security infrastructure for Nation States, Zero Trust is the top standard. With Wire’s End-to-End-Encryption (E2EE), the Federal Government ensures that all use cases, from messaging to conference calling, remain in the same security perimeter and adhere to the highest privacy standards.

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Federation – Connect with Compliance

With Wire’s Federation service – federal institutions can interconnect with other ministries and other partner nations using Wire, which allows full control of collaboration scenarios. With Wire Federation, all native features of Wire Messaging and Conferencing would work seamlessly with the Wire Federation setup. As users from 2 organizations can share, converse, call each other, etc., and they get notified of each of their provenance and the organization that they are part of.

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Cyber Crime in Public Sector

Cybercriminals steal 600M USD per year from Governments according to World Economic Forum.