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“Wire was the clear choice as a partner. Not only is their collaboration platform secured with the highest level of end-to-end encryption but they are built upon principles of transparency and privacy that many others lack.”

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National Interest Needs a Relentless Security-first Approach

Security is critical for any infrastructure provider like Fortum and with Wire, organizations can extend that trust through the most secure collaboration tool. Wire’s end-to-end encryption protects digital assets from sending messages to sharing files and conferencing.

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Meetings that cannot be Compromised

Wire is the next-level Skype for Business – critical for sensitive exploration project meetings or regulatory framework discussions. The ability to create workspaces with internal and external participant, as well as regulators and consultants, in the most secure way.

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Zero Trust Collaboration

Always on the move and outside the firewall is part of today’s normal modus operandi. Using Wire, critical infrastructure companies ensure that no prying eye can see their correspondence or decrypt messages other than the intended receiver for maximum security – all without compromising usability.

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Finnish energy company with a global reach.

Energy at Risk

The energy sector is the third most targeted sector for cyber attacks attacks in 2020 behind Finance and Manufacturing.

Best Practices (McKinsey)

  • Define security zones to keep threats segregated
  • Use air-gapped and open network for balanced approach
  • Test your readiness
  • Create a culture of cybersecurity awareness


The energy-sector threat: How to address cybersecurity vulnerabilities