Odds of a Bad Bet

To be a great player you learn the difference between a good and a bad bet. You learn to master your uncertainty, and see the world in odds and percentages. You train your instincts to catch bluffs because at the poker table, everyone is trying to deceive you. Everyone is probing for weaknesses to exploit, […]

Future of work

The evolution of workplace communications and what it means for enterprise security. With a majority of companies relying on collaboration and communication tools to connect their workforce, protecting digital assets has become a top concern and security a top priority for organizations worldwide.The ways in which we work have changed, along with the behaviours, processes, […]

Messaging Layer Security

Messaging Layer Security The Future of Secure Communication By Wire™ Swiss GmbH This report provides an introduction to Messaging Layer Security (MLS) and describes the current ecosystem, the goals it sets to achieve, and Wire’s vision as a driving force in developing a groundbreaking technology that has the potential to impact industry standards when it […]