1. Introduction Wire runs on Android and iOS devices, on Windows, macOS and Linux as well as on web in browsers. Registered users engage in conversations whose contents are synchronized across all devices of a user. This document provides an overview on the cryptographic protocols and security aspects implemented to protect the privacy of users. […]


1 Introduction This document provides an overview of the data and metadata that Wire collects from users and how it is used to enable certain features of the application. 2 Users 2.1 Profiles Every registered user has an associated profile that contains the data that was provided during registration or that was subsequently edited: • […]


Wire Transparency Report Wire Swiss GmbH∗ The Wire Transparency Report contains details about how often authorities request user data from Wire Swiss GmbH. Direct requests from foreign authorities cannot be granted, instead foreign authorities must make an official request for legal assistance in accordance with the Swiss Federal Act on International Mutual Assistance in Criminal […]