1 Introduction

This document provides an overview of the data and metadata that Wire collects from users and how it is used to enable certain features of the application.

2 Users

2.1 Profiles

Every registered user has an associated profile that contains the data that was provided during registration or that was subsequently edited: • Username and display name • Profile picture, including metadata about a previously uploaded public profile picture, including a unique ID, dimensions and a tag • Accent colour • Locale: An IETF language tag representing the user’s preferred language • Cookie Label: A label to associate with the user token that is returned as an HTTP cookie upon successful registration • App settings: Preferences such as emoji setting, link preview setting, sound alert setting • Wire Pro & Enterprise: Additional profile information that may be added to the profile by SCIM integration

2.2 User devices

The following data will also be collected when a new device is enrolled: • Class: The device class: Mobile, Tablet or Desktop. • Model: The device model, e.g. iPhone X. • Label: A human-readable label for the user to distinguish devices of the same class and model. • Cookie label: A cookie label links the device to authentication cookies (see Security Whitepaper). • Timestamp: The UTC timestamp when the device was registered. • Location: The geographic coordinates of the IP address used to register.

2.3 Connections

A registered user with a verified identity (e-mail address or phone number) can establish connections to other registered users. Connections are established when one user sends a connection request to another and that request is accepted. A private 1:1 conversation is established between the two users in which they can exchange messages and make calls. A user can block a connection at any time, after which further messages or calls from the blocked user will not be received. Furthermore, a user can not be added to a conversation by someone they blocked (see section 3.1). The blocked user is not actively notified that they have been blocked.

2.4 People

People search can be used to find other Wire users. A user can search for contacts by name or by username. Wire Pro & Enterprise users can only be found from outside their team with their exact username.