Healthcare provider, Apololab, partners with Wire to provide their services through technology while prioritizing patient confidentiality. Apololab launched their own whitelabel solution called Hive built on Wire’s highly secure, enterprise-grade, communication technology. Hive is deployed in Costa Rica’s personal private medical sector and used by over 10,000 active doctors and 3.5 million citizens.

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Private and Secure

It was paramount to build the solution on end to end encryption – to protect every piece of information with its own encryption key. This lowers the risk of mass breaches or data leaks, protecting the information of the people of Costa Rica in the best possible way.

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Integrated and Simple

Improving the exchange of information between patients, healthcare providers, and pharmacies, meant rethinking communication. Uniquely, Apololabs built the solution based on Wire’s Secure Messenger, allowing easy yet secure communication both by members internally and with patients.

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Data Sovereign

Apololab’s built the solution on Wire’s on-premise solution to ensure full control of all data. Integrated with signature solutions, the platform becomes the foundation to catapult Costa Rica to become leaders in digital health care and eliminate scams from cyber criminals.

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Supplier of a plethora of digital solutions to the Costa Rican government.

Protecting tax dollars and health insurance premiums

US healthcare organizations were on the hook for 13.2 bn USD as a result of breaches at a 7.1m USD average cost.

Health Care Threat Landscape

  • Ransomware attacks on health care increased by 4x from 2017 to 2020.
  • HHS data shows that in the first 6 months of 2021, over 1 in 20 U.S. adults were the victims of a healthcare breach.
  • 60% of hospital representatives and healthcare IT professionals in the U.S. said that email was the most common point of information compromise.