Wigger - Wire

Wigger, a German window manufacturer was looking for a simple yet secure solution that would allow their on-site technicians to quickly send photos to field supervisors. Wire’s encrypted and compliant mobile-first platform allows them to quickly and securely share files and messages wherever they are. From executives to field workers – all communication is done through Wire, ensuring their data is protected, always.

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Mobile Field Services

“…we were looking for a simple, secure solution that would allow our on-site technicians to quickly send photos to field supervisors.”
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Compliance made Easy and Cost Effective

Wire gave ease of mind on GDPR compliance from the beginning, making the issue of compliance much simpler from the perspective of an SMB and the ease of mind that Wire has no access to their data means they do not have to worry about compliance issues.

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Built-in Mobility Increases Productivity

With 300 people and many of them being on the road at construction sites, the mobile-first design and security outside the firewall and uncontrolled network both protects company information and keeps the staff productive while on the road.

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Extends to Partners

Being part of large scale construction projects, the fact that guest rooms extend to partners allows for easy and secure cross-organizational collaboration.

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German company in construction industry with 300 employees.

Mobile and Remote Workers

In the US alone, 80M people work “on-the-go” daily, using their mobile device and globally, an estimated 1.5 bn workers conduct “some” work from their mobile devices.

Business Impact of Mobility (IBM Study)

  • 67% increase in productivity
  • 53% increase in employee engagement
  • 43% revenue growth as direct result


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