Secure Communication for Defense and Restricted Environments - Wire

Wire secures sensitive communications for military and defense divisions from cyber-attacks in restricted environments and on the road.

Wire’s secure communication is built on edge-based encryption technology to protect your information from cyber-attacks. Our highly secure and private messenger simplifies complex communication challenges faced by organizations, ensuring the security of your team members and other users. With Wire, you can easily share texts, files, and make calls without the need for a VPN or complex technical setup.

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Security classification labels

Sharing different levels of classified data with third parties or departments adds complexity to maintaining security. Wire simplifies this by displaying security clearance labels for each federated user based on their corresponding classifications, ensuring everyone is aware of what types of information can be shared.

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Confidential Communication

Forward Secrecy

Every message sent within the Wire application has a unique key. Forward secrecy protects every message sent or received on the network transport layer that uses standard SSL/TLS protocols, including OpenSSL.

Identity Provider

With Wire, you can deploy with your IdP (identity provider) or Wire can deliver a lightweight IdP that allows your on-premise users to log into the Wire application. Wire users with an IdP can rely on better authentication and your IT admins can easily manage the life cycle of your users.

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Mobile and Remote Workforce

Empower your employees to work more securely anywhere and on any device of their choice. Wire supports many platforms, including Android, iOS for tablets and mobile phones. Each user on every device gets authenticated and authorized regardless of the network they are accessing through their device.