Deployment - Wire

Wire Deployment Overview

Wire allows its customers to choose from a variety of backend installations. For our turnkey deployment options, customers use Wire backend-deployed on Wire infrastructure. But for compliance reasons, some of our customers can also choose Wire backend to be deployed on their cloud infrastructure or a private backend infrastructure of their choice.


Deployment Scenarios

Wire has seen many different ways of deployment with its customers, whether through the public Wire app or through a customized version of Wire. Wire can be deployed through the public cloud, a private client cloud server, or a private client on-premise backend. Contact Wire’s sales team to learn what setup is best for your organization. Wire’s deployment experts will help with implementation and onboarding.


Backend Installation/Deployment

The Wire backend can be deployed “into the cloud” (IaaS/SaaS), on-premises with world-wide-web connectivity, or in an offline environment. The installation of Wire in an offline environment creates a new “island” of Wire users specific to that individual installment. The offline approach offers advantages in terms of privacy and security, however is can also create complications in processes related to installation, updating the Wire software, and applying patches and updates to the software components used to support Wire (e.g., Kubernetes, Ubuntu/Debian, Docker, Cassandra, MinIO).


Scaling Users & Conferencing Capabilities

Wire supports cloud, on-premises installations of its backend and designed to support a couple of thousand messaging (chat, IM) users, however, the setup may vary for enterprises that have very different than usual traffic patterns. Our guidelines include scaling recommendations for supporting many conference call participants. Wire’s technical team can help you and your tech team with more information on your scaling needs by customizing Wire’s backend system to meet your exact requirements.

Contact us to learn which of our various deployment options fit your needs best.


Desktop & Mobile Apps Distribution

Wire has publicly available mobile apps on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store and desktop applications. These apps are configured to work with the Wire cloud infrastructure by default but can be reconfigured to work with your private Wire infrastructure.

However, if you do have your own EMM/MDM, you can take control of your app distribution. For disabling or enabling certain features as part of the distribution, you can set these settings in your Wire Team Management console. For Desktop and Android, Wire can also provide pre-compiled binaries that can be stored & downloaded from your own servers.


Upgrades & Updates

Wire will provide update packages for customers who will bring their on-premises instance of Wire up-to-date with respect to features and functionalities, as well as security patches and bug fixes. Wire will package and deliver updates to the Wire backend on a  six-month refresh cycle cadence. However, the cadence of critical bug fixes, security vulnerability fixes is determined out of the 6-month cycle, with the shortest supportable deployment cycle.


Other Deployment Considerations

  • Calling Ports for On-Premises
  • Push Notifications for On-Premises
  • Conferencing Bandwidth

Learn more about our deployment details or contact us directly to discuss our different deployment options.