Secure Communication for Enterprises with High Security & Compliance Demands - Wire

Wire provides you the reassurance that all forms of communication, such as voice, video, files, and messages, are delivered securely.

Wire allows highly privacy-conscious companies, including finance, insurance, advisory firms, and regulated organizations, to communicate securely and efficiently. Whether for internal collaboration or to extend data protection to clients and partners, Wire minimizes the risk of breaches by securing each message.

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Secure communications within your company

  • Real-time – All 1:1 and group conversations whether written, audio, or video and file exchange can be done within Wire.
  • Privacy-First – Wire ensures highly protected communications with Forward Secrecy and End-to-End Encryption, leaving no communication trace on its servers.
  • Secure by Default – Wire is secure by default, requiring no additional software for users to establish a secure communication line.
  • Team Management – Effortlessly modify roles and permissions as team members join or depart from your organization.
  • Integrations – Calendar integrations prevent missing meetings, while SSO & SAML streamline user access, among others.
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Secure communication with externals

How can you secure external communication and prevent information misuse?

Control Guest Access to Conversations

Control who joins a conversation through Guest Rooms or Links. Connect anonymously with guests outside of your organization who may not have Wire installed.

Compliant Customer Relations

Wire provides a compliant and trusted messenger environment as an alternative to non-compliant consumer apps like WhatsApp, ensuring private yet straightforward employee-to-customer relationships.

Recording Conversations and Storage

Wire enables legally required customers to securely record and protect their communications between endpoints, ensuring that neither Wire nor any third party can access them.

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Always Compliant, Always Transparent

Wire is built on the principle of security, privacy, and transparency – and high-stakes organizations in strictly regulated verticals can review Wire’s 100% open-source code on GitHub with a GPLv3 license.