Secure Communication for Government Agencies - Wire

The majority of the world’s G7 and other government agencies trust Wire with their communications, ensuring sensitive information remains under their control.

Wire ensures that key intelligence conversations, day-to-day messaging, sensitive files, or data remain solely in the hands of the organization, providing the highest level of protection from breaches and cyberattacks, due to uncontrolled use of insecure communication channels or apps.

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Data protection and confidentiality across networks

Government agencies and associates have restricted communication setups both internally, and externally with their government customers or project partners.

  • Messaging
  • Self-deleting messages
  • Guest rooms
  • Voice and video conferencing
  • Secure file exchange
  • Federation private to private
  • Team management console
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In restricted environments, organizations use siloed communication setups, making it difficult for administrators to manage information flow. With Wire’s Federation functionality, organizations can configure communication channels with other organizations using Wire, based on their own privacy and security precautions.

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Client and Backend Deployment

How can modern applications be seamlessly available to private network users?

Wire can deploy various types of solutions to cover specific privacy/security needs through two types of installations:

  • Wire app is cloud-downloadable and its backend can be installed on private/offline networks. Public client users can register and link to the backend to use Wire.
  • Wire app and backend can be deployed on private/offline networks. Users can register and use Wire functionalities on their devices without delay.