Critical Industries - Wire

Critical Industry organizations use Wire for their crisis and confidential communications. With Wire, organizations can preserve all forms of relevant conversation information (electronically-stored information and paper documents) when litigation is anticipated. With the flexibility of deployment and keeping your communications confidential, Wire is a perfect fit for organizations that are mobile and remote, yet need the highest level of security in their communications.

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Crisis & Confidential Communication

  • Secure by Default – Wire is secure by default. Users do not have to install other software to establish a secure line of communication.
  • Always Connected – When sending and receiving alerts, all Wire team members receive alerts on all of their Wire connected devices, mobile and desktop.
  • End-to-End Encryption – All communication in Wire is subject to end-to-end encryption to provide users with a strong degree of privacy and security.


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Legal & Regulatory Compliance

  • Recording – Wire Legal Hold supports customers who have a legal obligation to record communications for future review.
  • Safe Storage – Wire is customizable to store and retrieve your user communication in your desired location. Note: Wire never stores any communication in non-encrypted format on its servers.
  • User Impact – All conversations including 1:1 and group conversations with users on governance/legal hold will be notified of the presence of the settings.


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Deployment Options

  • Deployment Options – The Wire backend can be deployed “into the cloud” (IaaS /SaaS), on-premises with world-wide-web connectivity, or in an offline environment.
  • Desktop & Mobile Apps Distribution – Wire has publicly available mobile apps on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, desktop applications that can be directly downloaded on the Wire website, as well as deploying your own MDM, EMM solutions to distribute to your users on your private networks.
  • SSO/SCIM – Wire supports Single Sign-On and SCIM for easier user onboarding and adoption.