Wire enables banks, insurance companies, advisory firms and executives to communicate securely and swiftly – whether it is for internal collaboration or to extend a high level of security to their clients and partners alike. With Wire, professionals in the financial sector minimize the risk of breaches to the smallest unit – one message.

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Maximum Security for High Stakes Projects

Advisory firms use Wire to ensure engagements are conducted securely and swiftly between members of the team. High stakes M&A projects require better security and privacy compared to emails and off-the-shelves conferencing platforms.

Wire offers the client ease of mind that all communications – voice, video, files and messages – are delivered securely across firewall networks.

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Lowering Fraud Risk

Insurance companies use Wire for fraud investigations – with over 70% of financial fraud happening with the help of  an insider – insurance companies use Wire’s Zero Trust collaboration platform to conduct and communicate on investigations.

Moreover, fraud is migratory and cross-company collaboration is often found in the insurance industry to alert colleagues in competing companies of the risks. Wire’s ability to set up guest accounts and guest rooms allows for seamless cross-company collaboration.

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Compliant Customer Relations

In Private Banking, high net worth individuals often communicate with bankers on commercial messaging apps for convenience but bypassing compliance.

Wire’s Secure Messenger offers an alternative to non-compliant consumer apps like WhatsApp, ensuring that the banker-to-customer relation stays straightforward yet private while the technology moves from unsanctioned to a compliant and trusted messenger environment.

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Always Compliant, Always Transparent

Wire is built on the principle of security, privacy and transparency – and high stakes organizations in the financial services industry can review Wire’s 100% open source code on GitHub with a GPLv3 license.

Zero Trust

No access to data from your cloud provider. Users are fully authenticated.

End-to-End Encryption

Wire is fully encrypted – messenger, file-sharing, audio call, and video conferencing.

Open Source

Full transparency – access to our code on Github and industry reviews of code available.